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Apply for a Grant

The Sun East Foundation was created in 2011 to serve the health, education, and well‐being of those in the Greater Brandywine Valley area. The Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Sun East Federal Credit Union and provides funds to non‐profit organizations, with a focus on Educational programs, Health & Human Service programs, and programs supporting Natural, Cultural, and Historic Preservation.

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Application Guidelines

The Foundation will review all applications and determine approval based on the giving guidelines and availability of funds. The Foundation will only consider requests from qualified tax‐exempt, non-profit 501(c)3 organizations that support the following programs:

  • Educational programs, such as student development, youth camps, and tutoring
  • Health & Human Services programs, such as those addressing poverty, hunger, illnesses, special needs, seniors, and veterans’ needs
  • Natural, Cultural, & Historic Preservation programs, such as land conservation, museums, and the arts

The Foundation will not provide funding to the following:

  • Individuals
  • Events that do not serve the welfare of people in the community such as reunions, post-prom, signage, or advertisements
  • Religious organizations in support of their sacramental or theological functions
  • Political groups
  • Athletic organizations or alumni associations – unless its sole purpose is for scholarship or educational advancement
  • Organizations that have been funded within the last 12–month period

Organizations requesting funding for the first time are limited to a $1,000 request, and must provide a report of how the funds were used within six months of receiving the grant.

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Review Process

Grants will be reviewed on a rolling basis bi-monthly with the intent of responding to all applications within 90 days of receipt.