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Mission & Vision

Foundation Board of Directors

Our Mission & Vision

The mission of the Sun East Foundation is to promote Education, Health, and Human Services, and Natural, Cultural, & Historic Preservation by providing additional funding to qualified non-profit organizations that serve the Greater Brandywine Valley.

Sun East Foundation’s vision is to foster collaboration that builds goodwill, cultural preservation and the health and well-being of our community.

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How We Share Our Grant Funds

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Student development, youth camps, and tutoring are examples of educational programs that are supported by the Sun East Foundation.

Health & Human Services

Programs that fall under the umbrella of Health & Human Services include those aimed at tackling poverty, hunger, illness, special needs, mental health, seniors, and veterans’ needs.

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Natural, Cultural, & Historic Preservation

Programs that focus on preserving Nature, Culture, and History, such as initiatives for land conservation, museums, and the arts will be considered for grant funding.

Board Members

Terri Lannon
Executive Director
Torpey White
Dave Jacobs
Vice Chair
Christie Hill
Carol Pyne
Board Member
Grace Corbett
Board Member
Rob Marandola
Board Member
Carlie Maheurin
Board Member
Eric Przelski
Board Member